A Comparative Study Between the Goldmann Applanation Tonometer and the Non-Contact Air-Puff Tonometer (Huvitz HNT 7000) in Normal Eyes

Plain Language Summary

Glaucoma is one of the major causes of blindness in the world even though, in most cases, it is a controllable desease. One method of detecting the disease is measuring high intraocular pressure using tonometers, one of the manifestations of glaucoma, although there are others, also important, such as changes in the visual field and optic nerve. Some tonometers directly contact the eyes, requiring instillation of anaesthetic eye drops and fluorescein for their use,  while others do not contact the eyes and are easier to use but are less accurate. The ease of obtaining intraocular pressure measurements using non-contact air-puff tonometers for the early diagnosis of glaucoma motivates studies on how these devices perform relative to the standard measuring instrument—the Goldmann tonometer. The non-contact tonometer overestimates the measurement at higher pressures, does not replace the Goldmann tonometer, but can be used for screening due to its easier use when compared to the Goldmann tonometer.

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